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  • Deposits are required when booking which is 40% of the service. 

  • Deposits are refundable & transferable if the cancellation or rescheduling is made 48 hrs or more before your appointment. If a cancellation is made under the 48hr mark, this will result in a non-refundable deposit. 

  • Day of cancellation or no-show will result in the full service being charged.

  • Day before cancellation will result in half of the service being charged.

  • Consultations are required before color services.

  • Consultations are required for all new clients.

  • Consultations are required for new clients when booking a wash & go service. 

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you’re 15 min or later for your appointment, this will result in a no show & the full service will be charged. 


Where are we located?

We are located in Charlotte, NC. Our small business is located inside a leather shop on 7th street. ( ColsenKeane leather goods). Entrance to the salon is the back door of the leather shop (code for back door: 214 you’ll see our door on the right once you enter.


Where can I park?

It’s best to park in the back or right side of the building in any of the angled parking spots. (parking isn’t available in any spot that’s labeled ABS).

The front door locks after 5 pm so it’s best to use the back door if you have a later appointment.


What services do you offer?

Curly cuts, color, twists, and wash & gos.

We are a natural curly salon so we love to stick with the curls.

How do I prepare my hair for a curly cut?

For looser curls:

•Come with zero product or light product

•Come completely dry 

•Day 1, 2 is best 

•Completely detangled

•Last come with an open mind

For kinkier curls:

•Come with products in

•Come completely dry 

•Completely detangled

•Day 2 hair is best

How should I NOT come to my appointment?

•With hair ties or buns

•With wet hair

•With any type of style in

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